Salon Saavy is proud to carry and feature one of the hottest haircare and styling product lines for our clients. Enjoy is world renowned for creating products that are easy to use and free of hair damaging chemicals and solutions. For more information on our Enjoy products, click here.


Matrix is also very proud to carry select Matrix hair care and styling products. In addition to their excellent products, Matrix, as are we, are committed to doing their part to helping our world's ecology. To learn more about Matrix, click here


At Salon Saavy, we are very, very, picky about the the products we use and provide to our clients. We know that our clients do not use just any product off the supermarket shelf, but instead, rely on our professional stylists through consultation and application, for the best products that will maintain both the style and health of their hair. 

If you should have any questions about which products may best suit your hair care and styling needs, please call or stop in and talk to one of our stylists. We're here to help.